UNESCO Institute to be set up in India

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The union cabinet Tuesday approved the establishment of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development here as part of a Unesco initiative.

The institute will strengthen educational and knowledge base for promoting education of peace and sustainable development-related research. It will be managed through an operational agreement between the Unesco and India, according to an official statement.

The estimated expenditure for setting up the institute will be Rs.223.68 crore over a period of seven years.

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Startup Visa - Closer Insight

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People both within USA and outside are pinning their entrepreneurial hopes on the passage of a bill, sponsored by Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar, to create a Startup Visa. There has been tremendous debate and discussions on the same. Technically, it's a policy change around the EB-5 Visa which enables investors from other countries to get a visa in exchange for starting a business in the US with $1M in capital (or $500K for economically targeted areas) & the creation of at least 10 US jobs.

The change proposed is as follows:

Under the proposed legislation, instead of the visa going to an investor, a startup company founder or entrepreneur who receives a minimum equity investment of $250,000 could qualify as an EB-5 visa recipient. At least $100,000 would have to come from a sponsoring US investing entity.

But is that enough? Professor Vivek Wadhwa, associated with UC-Berkley, Duke University and Harvard Law School, in his article at TechCrunch proposed a few changes in his article "How to Fix the Flawed Startup Visa Act".

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AICTE bans part-time MBA

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The All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has banned fresh admissions into MBA courses under part-time mode from this academic year to check several management institutions from admitting freshers by collecting huge fees.
The Council ban will hit working professionals, who rely only on part-time MBA courses to enhance their career prospects. They have opposed the latest norms arguing that the AICTE cannot deny them a chance to obtain an MBA degree only because some institutions were flouting the norms.
Several management institutions and business schools across the state offer part-time management programmes exclusively for working professionals. These courses attract large number of working professionals as it allows them to attend MBA classes in the evening while working during the day. Moreover, several institutions allow working employees to complete the MBA degree in a year if they have work experience ranging from six months to one year in any company even though the duration of the course is two years.
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MBBS Students to visit wards from 2nd year

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Undergraduate medical students will now get the feel of being a real doctor - ward visits, patient interaction and evening rounds - from the second year of MBBS onwards.
The Medical Council of India (MCI), as part of its new curriculum for undergraduate medical education, has decided to introduce a new training or "clerkship" under which medical students will be attached to resident doctors to accompany them during rounds, help in managing patients and talk to them, thereby improving their communication skills and help patients cope better with their illnesses. They however, will not treat patients.
Dr Sita Naik said, "The current medical training is boring and classroom oriented. We are therefore reviving a practice that used to exist 20 years back in India - assign undergraduate students to wards. They will then help resident doctors with managing patients."
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